Book LAUNCH - A Chimaeriformes by Lakshmi Kala Pattapagalu


A Chimaeriformes
by Lakshmi Kala Pattapagalu


A man who does not lose his monstrosity. With his uncomfortable desire, he wants to control the innocent people with his boundless deceptions, keeping them secret and rule them. Caught in his arms was a beautiful boy, Amman. This is his story.

Gandhar makes him lose his radiance, and turn him into a Chimera making him estranged from his parents. In the journey to get his people, Amman's acquaintance becomes an introduction to love. How will Amman gain his parents? How will he destroy Gandhar? Will Amman betray his love? Or will he have to give it up for his firm aspiration?

This is a sweltering, and beautiful story that shows you a quick flick.


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