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Pramila Kumari Behera - Bengaluru, India

Summary about self:

I am Ms. Pramila Kumari Behera, I am a passionate, dedicated, empathetic, and lovable teacher. I am working as a teacher in a prestigious institute called St. Paul’s English School, Bengaluru, Karnataka. I have made various world records in the writing field. I am a published author and a profound co-author of various anthologies published under different publications. I have won many certificates and now I am the brand ambassador for the NLHF promotional marketing group, NHLF Girl Child Ambassador, and NHLF Peacemaker. I have won various awards and certificates in the field of writing, like the NLHF Star Seed Award, NLHF Author of the Year Award. I am the winner of the 3rd NLHF World Cup (21 Sep 2021). I write every day as writing became my passion and it gives oxygen to my cells. I believe that a healthy mind and body are the assets of one’s life. Hence, I do aerobics exercise and yoga every day. Soulful meditation is one of the secrete of my peaceful life.

What’s your daily morning routine?

I am an early bird. I get up early and do meditation first. As my schedules are very tight, I do yoga for 15 mins that involve a little bit of relaxing movements also. Then I start my daily routine work. 

Coffee or Tea?

I prefer Tea than Coffee.

What colour do you usually wear?

I love the light pink colour.

If you were to choose a style to rock for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Anything is comfortable unless and until that outfit builds self-confidence in me.

Less or more?

I believe in adequacy. How much is needed to fulfil the basic needs? No more, no less.

Which addiction should I see to this season?

Addiction towards writing articles on any topic.

What are the wrong trousers?

Wrong trousers are those outfits wherein they don’t give any comfort to us. We just break the rules and wear those wrong trousers to show off our fashion styles.

How do you cope with the daily challenges you face in life?

Fashion does not require money and beautiful clothes. But it requires how are you going to carry it out, anything that you wear.

What, exactly, is a tea dress?

A vintage dress length above the ankle and below the knee. A dress that can be worn during the evening time, rather than during tea time.

What do you want on a date?

I am already married and have a beautiful loving family.

If I go for a date, I will definitely be looking for a beautiful smile on my partner’s face as that is the most attractive trait of a person and also the gesture of kindness and a positive attitude towards everything.

Tell us a secret about yourself?

I am good counsellor and a published author which is unknown to many people as I never talk about my achievements.

What's the top jacket for spring?

The cotton quilled jacket with a beautiful scarf.

OK, heels: wedge? platform? flattie?

Heels go very nice with formal outfits.

How big should her bangles be?

Bangles add beauty to the attires that girls wear. Larger bangles with kundan work for ethnic wear. Size should be 2x6.

What should I buy right now, today?

Today, a palazzo with a trendy girl’s t-shirt and a fashionable scarf.

How do you handle criticism?

On a lighter note, yes! If I go in a different attire apart from the daily official wear, my friends and colleagues start saying sarcastically. I just ignore all the bullshits. I believe in positivity rather than sailing through negative emotions.

What are your social handles?

YouTube: Nil as of now. Soon, I am going to start my own YouTube channel.

What’s your go-to hashtag? ###


If you are given the chance to become the Bollywood/Hollywood/Tollywood Fashion Guru for 1 day, what trend will you set?

Anything is comfortable unless and until that outfit builds self-confidence in me.

Parting shot: 

 “Life is just like a puzzle, learn how to play it with your good attitude by being you.” -Ms. Pramila Kumari Behera