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Tree Lover Parinasri from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Tree Lover Abdul Rahman from Banda, Uttar Pradesh, India

Tree Lover Dipti Poojari from Mumbai, India

NLHF Poet Profile of Noel Lorenz - a Thinker - Who is Noel Lorenz

Tree Lover Lipsa Sahoo from Jajpur, Odisha, India

Tree Lover Tapsi Biswas from Jabalpur, India

Tree Lover Mishti Biswas from Jabalpur, India

Tree Lover Simran Sachar from Uttarakhand, India

Tree Lover Arising Anne from Assam, India

Tree Lover Nakrani Nirali H. from Gujarat, India

NLHF Poetry Party 1 of 2023 organized by Noel Lorenz Hosue of Fiction

Mid-Morning - A short story by Noel Lorenz - inspired by real events featuring Jael Kemuma and Arising Anne

Poets of NLHF - The Mathematical Poems by Poets of NLHF released in the May La Poi festival

May La Poi Festival - 1st May Poetic Festival Introduced by Noel Lorenz House of Fiction Started In 2023 at City of Joy Kolkata