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Rashmi Joshi's Prerna

 "Finally, I found You Prerna" 

Sometimes we want to find a friend who can understand us, 

who really value us or our tears.

Yes, in truth, 

we do not know how many years we spend in search of such a friend, 

yet maybe even after getting tired, 

we complete our search one day.

Whom we ever want to tell our breakup stories 


want to tell about those people who have ever broken your heart.

And you think one day your search ends

you find that partner

who really cares about your tears

Who sheds his own tears in the process of stopping them.

For whom you like to spend time, 

with whom you also like to spend time.

And when someone like this finds you,

How do you become protective of her 

by watching her go to someone else, 

as if she is very valuable to you.

Copyright © 2022, Rashmi Joshi

About Rashmi Joshi:

Rashmi Joshi is from district Udham Singh Nagar. She is an extraordinary girl with fantabulous character and adorable beauty. She is from Uttarakhand state of India. She's a well-versed and well-maintained person with ample of skills and above all, compassionate towards everyone. She's beyond everyone's vocabulary to be elaborated in words. Just a pure soul with love and concern towards all. Her orphicy skills and character are beyond seven skies as she possesses a heavenly character.