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"Distance kills unbreakable bond"

No matter how strong your relationship is!
No matter how much you were with each other before!
When it is written in life to be away from each other, 
Or to have misunderstandings.....
 Those strong relationships also end.
©® Rashmi Joshi

Hy listen!

You remember me,
Ohh i think you didn't remember me,
I will help you
I am your tears,
Your tears...
with whom you spent your nights,
So I think,
You are happy in your life....
You forget all of worst memories...
I feel,
have you found your best friend,
Or should I say that you have found someone to understand you,
someone who can share everything with you,
I understand you are too shy,
I know you're trying to steal your eyes,
But to be honest I'm very happy for you,
And finally you satisfied in your life...

©® Rashmi Joshi

About the Author

Rashmi Joshi is from district Udham Singh Nagar. She is an extraordinary girl with fantabulous character and adorable beauty. She is from Uttarakhand state. She's a well-versed and well-maintained person with ample of skills and above all, compassionate towards everyone. She's beyond everyone's vocabulary to be elaborated in words. Just a pure soul with love and concern towards all. Her orphicy skills and character are beyond seven skies as she possesses a heavenly character.

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