What is a Noelo Poem?


A new type of poetry for the world at large and of course, the poetry lovers.
It is called “Noelo” and is named after it’s inventor, Noel Lorenz, an Author and Publisher from India.
It was invented on the sweet morning of 2nd of April 2021 by Noel Lorenz while thinking about a fun and creative way to present a poetry competition to his Ink Your Words (IYW) International Writing Community Writers (Ink Your Words is an imprint of Noel Lorenz House of Fiction). He invented a new form of poetry that can give joy and happiness to the world of poets and spread love to the world at large.
Internationally, over 300 Noelo Poems were written and published in 2 volumes. Noelo Poems are also registered by India Book of Records.

Noelo – Format is given in this book

It is a 6 line poem. Format is given below.
Line 1: subject (maximum 5 words)
Line 2: description (maximum 5 words)
Line 3: what does it do (maximum 5 words)
Line 4: what/how do you feel about it (maximum 8 words)
Line 5: how is it related to you (maximum 8 words)
Line 6: something related to it (maximum 8 words)

Note: 5 and 8 are used because they are sequences in the Fibonacci series.
Noel Lorenz is a nature lover and he believes that Science and Nature are intertwined in every aspect of manifestation.


the writer’s sword
they write our thoughts
it’s my love
long term partner

it has a big dial
it shows time
a necessity
i check it daily

has a big face
it computes
very helpful
like a hand

a flying beauty
gives joy
it makes me fall in love with nature
saw one outside the window

heartfelt love
spreads positivity
love it when someone hugs me
i am a hugger

Keep Writing and Spreading love and joy through Noelo poems.

~ BIGLove from the City of Joy, Kolkata, India
Noel Lorenz

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