Spending time with grandparents can help children grow into a better human beings by Amrutha


By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Grandparents are the embodiment of all the free money, loads of candies and tonnes of love showered upon a child. Their love shapes their grandchildren’s views on anything. They might have resembled Hilter with their own children but when it comes to their grandchildren, they spoil them rotten regardless of age. Their love for their grandchildren certainly brought a friendship despite the age difference. This friendship absolutely brings a particular relief to the parents. Nowadays the nuclear family prototype has not yielded many children - their time with the grandparents. Growing up, it is quintessential to spend as much time with your grandparents. They would show you the absolute necessity of using each thing without wasting, the value of time, money and food, the best intentions of relations and the worst nightmares of worldly experience. They make themselves to be kind in the necessary situations, ruthless in some and just as confused in a few. They might have not the gift of technological experience, but their practical understanding of how the world works is to be critically appreciated. When parents are running off to provide their children with everything, grandparents give them something they have always treasured away from their children – their time and direct love. They can be harsh when they need to be, nonetheless, nothing can beat the bond with their grandchildren. This bond along with their mistakes and learnings render their grandchildren a piece of great advice and a path to follow, thus helping them to be better people.

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