By Beena Shah, Mumbai, India

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we'll discover why eating a large breakfast is preferable than to skipping it.

(1) Many people who skip breakfast have a tendency to overeat at other times of the day, so eating a large breakfast can help you reduce your portion sizes at lunch and dinner.

(2) Your blood glucose energy levels are balanced after having a cheerful breakfast, which is beneficial for weight loss or maintenance of it.

(3) Eating a high-protein breakfast in the morning can help minimize late-morning cravings for fast food, which are likely to be heavy in sugar, starch, and calories.

(4) Eating a hearty breakfast can help you maintain portion control.

(5) A breakfast rich in whole grains keeps you feeling alert and energized throughout the day.

(6) Those who skip breakfast have a higher glycemic response, which can lead to weight gain.

(7) A heavy breakfast can help you perform better in the morning or early afternoon.

(8) Skipping your morning meal can result in nutrient and vitamin insufficiency, which can lead to sleeplessness, depression, and infection propensity, thus it's best not to do it.

(9) Many people skip it because they aren't hungry, but research shows that it is important to have it even if you aren't hungry in order to stay energized throughout the day.

(10) Your mind is fresh in the early morning hours after a good night's sleep, so having a good breakfast provides fuel for it to activate more.

(11) In today's hectic world, everyone is going out for their studies or jobs, and they become stressed during their working hours, ignoring their health and becoming less energetic, so when they have a full breakfast, they can concentrate well on their work and their health is unaffected.

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