How to Stay FIT After 50? By Amrutha


By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Fitness is not an option. It’s also not too late to start taking care of yourselves whenever you wish to. Prioritizing fitness isn’t just about working out. It is a whole package of the correct amount of exercise, diet, and relaxation. Ageing well doesn’t mean your body is fit, nevertheless, fitness can be maintained well if you even start focusing on yourselves even in your fifties. It may not be the best to start off with heavy ones, the ones that are easier to practice are the immediate things to do. A few easier ways to get started during your fifties:
1. Idea of exercise

    The idea of exercising changes with the age you are at. In your primes, you might have enjoyed doing various fast, tiring exercises. As you age, say goodbye to the tiresome exercises, and practice the easier, energy-inducing ones.
2. Routine checkups

    A yearly master checkup would keep your health in control. A slight glimpse of how much you should take care of your fitness will guide you through the steps of achieving it.
3. Group Practices

    Call up buddies and have a good time maintaining your fitness streak. The group activities would keep you energetic and a healthy competition active.
4. Drink more water

     Water is a magic drink. Drinking more water is advisable not only for those who are above 50 but for all the age groups. Being hydrated does various wonders to health.

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