Menstrual Hygiene Day Award 2022 - Poonam Singh

  "Many women do not have access to feminine hygiene products, which can lead to shame and even dropping out of school. Donate a PAD today!"

Ink Your Words Presents:
"Menstrual  Hygiene  Day Award"

"Has made an extraordinary effort in Literary art to produce poetry from a "picture prompt" from Japan. The 44-word poem has been accepted by the wider community. We give this award certificate with great gratitude and hopefully it will be a motivation. It is given on the Menstrual Hygiene Day to contribute in the awareness that menstrual hygiene is important for good health of every woman on earth. It is only a small effort at NLHF to bring more awareness around us. MENSTRUATION IS NATURAL."

Picture Prompt: 44 word poem with a suitable Title

वो जो चला गया 

रुखसत हुआ तो हाथ भी,, 
मिलाकर नही गया  हाँ,,, 
गया वो पर मेरी खता बताकर नही गया

अब उसको ढूंढ कर लाऊँ तो मैं लाऊँ कैसे,,, 
वो अपना पता बताकर भी नही गया
बेबसी से देखती हूँ उसे
जो कदमो के निशां मिटा गया

@ पूनम सिंह की कलम से


Keep Shining!

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