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When two souls fall in love by Amrutha


By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Lang Leav said, “When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt through a handheld, a voice heard, or a smile seen.” Love is stronger when received and reciprocated in the same way. The soul connection might be instant at the first spark, might be a prolonged one with little things along the way.

This earth-shattering ordeal makes the ground under them disappear, even makes them fly, when they are together. The way two souls want to become one proclaims that they are soulmates and proves that they are the perfect fit for their missing puzzle part.

The souls which belong together, love each other very much, is a single person with two bodies. Their level of thinking and their intimate jokes are unhinged with another. Even though they might be opposites, they seem to share the same thoughts. Those opposite traits are what attracted the other first.

The presence of the other is felt even before their significant other is seen. In the same way, the absence of the significant other feels much more, even if they haven’t left their sight. Their thoughts of them are so coherent, they finish each other’s sentences and know what they think before they say anything.

When two souls fall in love, they view the world as the most beautiful place to live in. Their connection is so strong that improves their love for each other more. This is what happens when two souls fall in love!