Learn To Value Yourself by Amrutha


By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Self-evaluation helps a lot in being self-confident. Valuing yourself helps you strive better. Your truer self will be blooming once you learn to value yourself correctly. It is essential to see that you are valued by yourself first, and see yourself in a new light from then on. Breaking the myth of putting yourself first equals selfishness is also busted by learning to value yourself. Utilizing these tricks, you would more likely to learn to value yourself better than ever.

Trust your gut and embrace your inner critic:

Your gut has the most pining intuitions and helps us make proper decisions. And not to forget the inner voice that makes you fight against yourself and your guts. You may trust your gut very well and have an ignorant relationship with your inner critic, this may result in unlikeable results. Embrace your inner critic to improve your self-esteem, thus, in turn, making you value yourself a notch higher.

Appreciate Yourselves

Receiving a compliment from others is a form of acceptance. This acceptance helps you accept yourself more, and thus an increase provided in valuing yourself. So take a compliment when issued and start appreciating yourselves.

Learning to say NO

The art of saying ‘NO’ at appropriate times is an essential trick to be learned. Say No whenever needed and save yourselves from many inapt situations.

Take a break

Take a pause whenever it gets too hard. And ensure to take necessary measurements to keep your mental health in check. Valuing yourself before others, especially in the mental health category, is much appreciated.

As to fare well in valuing yourself, first, appreciate yourself and those around you.

Remember that you are important and well appreciated.

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