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How to Hack Happiness by Amrutha

By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Happiness is highly volatile to sustain. It is in high demand as everyone seems to be in dire need of it. Our culture and values insist on us being happy forever, even though forever is too overrated. It is always said to be easier than done. So, majorly people try out many ways to keep themselves happy, especially during this pandemic situation.

There are numerous scientific ways to keep oneself happy.

Fulfil your New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year’s resolutions are often let down in the very first month, dare I say the very first week. The fulfilment of this resolution might result in some healthy habits, that will lead to you to be happy, heal, and healthy.

Take a break

Every time you feel overwhelmed or overworked, take a break for physical, mental, and emotional health. Enjoy your time off of the thing that tires you out by relaxing yourself with some music or book that you like.

Helping Others

Prosocial spending or spending money on others would help you, like retail therapy. But this would result in happiness radiating from others that would reflect on your own. This kind of help aids your thinking of validating others’ POV and grows your generosity too.

Value Yourself

Valuing yourself is a major plot in being happy. Self-confidence and self-evaluation help in maintaining your cheery self even on gloomy days. It would benefit to see yourself in others’ eyes to validate yourself much better.

Pursuing happiness might be tedious, but not impossible. Learn to love yourself and those around you, to feel the bliss in every breath you take.