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5 Ways to Upgrade Roasted Vegetables by Amrutha


By Amrutha, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

To get healthy, we need to get a five a day. The five are nutrients to enrich our metabolism. The birthplace of all the vitamins and nutrients is found in our veggies and fruits. Adding flavors and spicing up vegetables makes us want more. Not only kids, but we all also love roasting the veggies we intake. Here are a few tips to step up in your vegetable roasting style.

1. Flavoured oils

    Using olive oil is good for food. To add a little twist to your taste, use flavored oils like grapeseed oil, canola oil, or corn oil. 

2. A bit of lemon

   The tangy taste of lemon brings an unexpected turn to your taste buds. The citric fruit helps you enhance the flavor of a regular roast to an extraordinary one.

3. Adding lentils

   Lentils don’t only boost the taste when roasted with vegetables; they boost up your immunity. They are really a game-changer in the taste department and the nourishing department.

4. Spices

   There are numerous spices to amplify your vegetable roast. These different spices add much more essence than just the vegetables’ own taste. Thyme, Rosemary, Oregano, etc., taste heavenly with your roast.

5. Glaze it 

   Adding glaze brings your roast a great texture and a great taste. Honey, chocolate, and sauce make the glaze better.

Now, it’s your chance to upgrade your roast.