Author Interview - Subhiksha G. from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

Subhiksha G. from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India

Tell us something about yourself. Who are you as a person? What are your likes and dislikes?
I am Subhiksha Gnanavel hailing from Pudukkottai District, Tamil Nadu, India. On Dec 4, 2000, I was launched to Mr.Gnanavel and Mrs. Amirtha Gnanavel. It's my twenty-second year in this Universe. My fourteen years of school life were in Vairams Matriculation Higher Secondary School. From school days, my English grace was higher than other subjects. Thus I chose it for pursuing my Bachelor's Degree. I have completed me Under Graduation in English Literature. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education(B.ED) in J.J College of Education. As a writer, I wrote 300 Quotes. I am a co-author in twenty anthologies, and as an author, my first book is "Conquer the Crisis Days with Courage."

First, I believe in myself and love myself a lot as a person.

I bounce back stronger whenever sorrows hit me. My parents are my bravest backbone to lead my life. I love to experience the joy of giving, so I joined in "Matrathing Vidhaigal" Trust as a volunteer. I like to listen to and explore historical stories. Speaking to aged people is my favorite habit of knowing about their ancient lifestyle. I want to learn new skills to enhance my erudition. I believe that quality matters more than quantity, so my friend's circle is compact. I hate people criticizing one's skin tone. I never encourage someone who is discouraging others about their physical appearance, work, economic background, and so on. 

One thing I want to tell the people who face discouragement or negative criticism is 

"Never permit Negative criticisms to make 

you confounded and dejected

until your actions are altruistic, affirmative and unique;  

Negative Critics can only criticize

 but can never create noteworthy concepts!

Be a spectacular special 

individual before those critics"!! 


When did the writer's bug first bite you? Who or what inspired you to take up writing?

The writer's bug first bit me when I pen my feelings in a mobile notepad. 

Later it turned into Quotes. I posted those quotes on my own Instagram page @_subhi_diaries (Positive Vibes Zone) 

 At the end of 2020 (lockdown days), I began to participate in anthologies then joined in YourQuote App in 2021, which is a perfect platform to sculpt my quotes.

My mom is my incredible inspiration, who raised me with magnificent motivation and encouraged my writing skills. Her Tamil writings about the value of relations inspired me more. Whenever I come across some inspiring person, inspiring incidents, I write about them. I also used to write down social issues.


What do you do, and how has it influenced your poetry? 

I am a student teacher, child educator, author, content writer, social activist, and an upgrading makeup artist. As a child educator, "Psychology of the Children" influenced my poetry. Many social issues like sexual harassment racial discrimination played a vital role in influencing my quotes, poems, and anthologies.


As an author, where do you see yourself five years from now?

Before five years, I was just a person filled with public exams pressure and didn't explore my talents. The past five years (1.5years) paved a proficient pathway to exhibit my unique talents on the right path. Besides writing, College days were a perfect platform to prove my elocution skills. I won consecutively on elocution contests which boosted my oratory skills. At present, I have written 300 Quotes and 20 anthologies.


How do you face Writers' Block? What motivates you to keep writing?

I face writer's block whenever I get stuck with my College work, and sometimes I feel fed up or demotivated and sit idle as a statue. At these times, I used to speak to myself and utter the sentence," Be brave and believe yourself, Subhi. You're an optimistic individual"!! This enhances my self-love and confidence level. Then I 

"End my day by neglecting negative thoughts that make me pursue my dawn with positivity"!! 

My parents want to see me on the winning stage, so when I look at their fascinating faces, my writer's block turns unblocked, which will strive me to unbelievable success!! 


How has writing built you?

Writing has gradually grown my mental stability, which helps me be with emotional balance. After I began writing, I saw a lot of changes within myself. Writing built an unshakable building called self-assurance, self-love, inner satisfaction, humanity, honesty, and so on. 

It molds me stronger. It made my thoughts more comprehensive and creative. It alternated my way of looking at this world. I look at this world through a kaleidoscope, making my perspective more optimistic and colorful!! 


What are your Achievements? Awards, if any? 

JPT Publication awarded me as "Best Writer 2021". I got World Record Certificate from Noel Lorenz House of Fiction for Noelo Poem. In MT Kenya Times Newspaper, my write-up about poetry got featured. In J.J College of Arts and Science Education, I consecutively won prizes in elocution contests for the past three years. I got selected as Sparkling Star Awardee 2021 for Literature. I took part in E-Magazines and Podcasts. 


Tell us a bit about how much time you spend in a day on writing. Are you a disciplined writer or a spontaneous one?

Approximately I spent around 2 to 3 hours a day. It is not at one stretch., Whenever thoughts or ideas arise in me, I start imprinting them. I am a combination of both disciplined and spontaneous writers. It depends on the situation. Manier times, ideas, and concepts kiss my brain and soul spontaneously 

during my half-sleep, during my routine, and while interacting with someone. I become a disciplined writer when I submit my write-ups for anthologies in stipulated time.


Are you a reader yourself? What are some of your favorite books?

As I am from Tamilnadu, I have tasted many magnificent Tamil Novels and Poems. 

Some of them are 

* பொன்னியன் செல்வன்


*அக்னிச் சிறகுகள்

*கள்ளிக்காட்டு இதிகாசம்.

And many other ethical and historical novels. 

As an English literature student, I have come across many notable authors like Shakespeare, Shelly, Wordsworth, Keats, etc. 

My favorite books are  

"Saint Joan" written by George Bernard Shaw

"The Hound of Baskervilles" by Arthur Conan Doyle

"Life's Amazing Secret" by Gaura Gopaldas. 


Reading in the mountains or reading on the beach? 

By Reading in the mountain, I can glance at the entire city by sitting on the peaks of mountains which can manifest unique thoughts, and it may turn me into a writer too.! A cool breeze with little warm air kissing my skin and beautiful birds chirping will pour sweet sounds in my ears. Green Leaves moving with tiny creatures on it is an eye-feast. These create a tranquil atmosphere for relaxed reading, which presents inner peace and joy.     


A quote that never fails to motivate you.

The two quotes were written by me which gives me immense motivation and stands as my guide are:- 

"Revolve around your ambitions 

like the earth revolves around the sun        

though there is the dark phase in it., soon 

it will turn to shine on the next sunrise!!"


"If people left you lonely 

Stay strong and smile like 

a person they never thought of... 

You will achieve for sure 

You're not lonely, my dear 

You're ravishing like a roaring lion!! 

Trust yourself to triumph!"


Coffee or tea?

I choose neither tea nor Coffee as I prefer hot milk with sugar which is yummy and boosts my physical strength. 


A literary figure you would love to meet.

In India, I wish to meet Mr. Abhisek Ghosh (Noel Lorenz) sir (Author, CEO, Founder, and Editor-in-Chief, Noel Lorenz House of Fiction-NLHF). He is the best literary figure who wrote and compiled 140+ books in multiple world records. He esteems all his co-authors and gives excellent opportunities. He is the person who introduced Noelo Poems which is petite and perfect. If I get a chance to meet him, I am damn sure he will enhance my erudition!!


Any new projects that you are currently working on?

Currently, I am working on my first solo book. 

"Conquer the Crisis Days with Courage" and then on 10+ anthologies. 

Some of them are "Souls of our Nation," "The Urban Classics," "The Stars in the Jar," "Happy Ganesha," "Heavenly Nature," and so on...


When did you write your first book/poem, and how old were you?

From school days, at the age of 15, I wrote content for speech competitions. I wrote some snippets, too, but not in an organized way. I started writing quotes, poems, and anthologies in these lockdown days ( end of 2020). Currently, my first book is under publication process. 


What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Besides writing, I spent my time teaching children, practicing makeup skills, baking, and cooking to maintain my dad's terrace garden.  


What does your family think of your writing?

My family members are delighted and astonished by my writing skills. I am not a person from any Metropolitan city. I am the first person in my generation to learn English and write poems, quotes, anthologies, and books. My parents encourage me, which makes me a worthy individual in this wonder World. Indeed, one day I will excel on the big stage, which will make them proud and prestigious. My prime aim is to save their precious smile till eternity!!


Tell us where your fans can get your work?

My works are available on Amazon, Flipkart, kindle, and publication websites, my dear fabulous fans!! 

Grab it!! Read it !! Please share your Reviews on it!!  


Parting Shot:

We all have unique potential and talents irrespective of where we dwell, skin tone, educational qualification, economic background, etc.

We have to find or recognize our talent and utilize it in the right pathway. Use your time wisely!! 

"Feed your mind with fresh and fortunate thoughts!!

Focus on your ability, not on others capacity ;

Never allow social media content to influence you in an inferior way.

Place and people you choose must not frustrate you but ought to fetch you with positivity"!! 

The world is waiting to look at new young multifaceted people in every field. 

Be firm, Work wise!! 


If you succeed, soon you will also be interviewed!! 


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