Author Interview: Prachi Gupta, Allahabad, Uttar-Pradesh, India

Prachi Gupta, Allahabad, Uttar-Pradesh, India

Tell us something about yourself. Who are you as a person? What are your likes and dislikes?
Basically, I am from Allahabad, Uttar-Pradesh. From there itself, I am pursuing my degree in BBA and living with my nuclear family, including my father, mother, my older brother.

Also, I have done my schooling in the same city. The name of my school is MV Convent Inter College.

 In my childhood, I was not so active in the field of writing or other curricular activities. Still, after the covid, I shifted towards it as I wanted to enhance my personality and do something unique. We can say I wished to follow my passion.

Actually, I look at myself as a peculiar person. Sometimes, I feel confident, occasionally nervous, but it’s all about the circumstances, maybe. besides this, I think I am a kind, sober, and straightforward personality

Where I love to enjoy with the people of the same vibes.

I personally like my nature, humbleness and I am a very serious person who likes to complete her work on time and perfectly.

But also do not forget to live in the current life scenario.

I generally like walking at night, talking to our inner self, writing, dancing, singing, or acting. I have a very keen interest in these fields or can say I am a solitary person who loves her company more than being with any 2nd person.

Besides this, cooking also attracts me as per my mood or sleeping when I feel cozy. 

I don’t like swimming, watching television while eating as it irritates me a lot and doing backbiting, etc.

I personally don’t like these kinds of things in my life.



When were you first bitten by the writer’s bug? Who or what inspired you to take up writing?

I also didn’t have an idea when I started my first writing because I have had a keen interest in writing since my childhood.

So, I don’t remember the exact point, but yes, it was not at all sudden.

 I can say 50% of my interest or willingness to write on a paper. The other half is my life lessons, circumstances, nature of being silent, and shyness, which helps me move ahead in this field.


What do you do, and how has it influenced your poetry? 

Currently, I am a student juggling with my career in Digital Marketing. I chose my career in digital marketing cause I thought it would be helpful for me to acknowledge my talent for writing and enhance my visibility on digital platforms. Still, I believe that I am a person who can carry single work at a time in either profession or passion.

But somehow, I am still trying to mix it up or balance them together.

 Uhmm… it’s hasn’t influenced me much at all. Still, whenever I keep my mind on works, I feel writing is not my cup of tea. When I start writing, I think another profession or life is different from my personality. So, it’s all about as I look perfection in everything person somewhere. You can say…


As an author, where do you see yourself five years from now?

Basically, I am just a writer. I write as I feel so, and when I stop writing, I feel it’s over from my side cause there are so many other things to look after this. Still, as I consider it my passion or sometimes somehow, things happen with me which force me to write or recite, and at that time, I feel like a writer again.

So, in short, if I continue it passionately or if my destiny will support, I want to see myself as a great Author whom the world can know, or I just want to touch each and every individual’s heart by my writing in those upcoming years. That’s all.


How do you face Writers’ Block? What motivates you to keep writing?

I give time to myself or take a break in between. I try to limit my thinking, travel, change my place, wander to develop new ideas and thoughts, meet new and different peoples, culture, learn new activities which helps me to divert my mind, keep it fresh and rejuvenate energy, idea to complete half or broken words of pending stories.

 None of the other things as I told my life lessons, circumstances, or whatever I have seen in my life helped me realize that paper or non-living creatures are more trustworthy and authentic. Supporting than can any human being could be. So, yeah, whenever I feel low, demotivated I write it gives me strength, relief my pain or anxiety.


How has writing built you?

Writing really helped me, and it’s an essential part of my life. It motivates me. It is the only way I can say so much today and give this interview.

So, yes, writing has done a lot of favor. Still, I can’t say it is over. I am working on it, and let’s look at how long it will support.


What are your Achievements? Awards, if any? 

I have received more than 200+ writing certificates, worked in more than 300+ anthologies, and compiled 10+ Anthologies. Along with this, I am working on my own works now.


Tell us a bit about how much time you spend in a day on writing. Are you a disciplined writer or a spontaneous one?

I don’t give time to writing. Whenever I feel full of emotions or want to recite my thoughts, I go and write.

No, I am a spontaneous one.

Are you a reader yourself? What are some of your favorite books?


Generally, I like everything whatever I read as a reader or writer because everything gives knowledge and lessons to learn but which personally touched my heart are Chetan bhagat’s sir work like One day, life will change which inspired me a lot as a person another one the 3 mistakes of my life, etc.

And a novel of Durjoy Dutt sir Better than best friends, if it’s not forever and the list goes on.


Reading in the mountains or reading on the beach?

Reading in the mountains because I am not a beach person.


A quote that never fails to motivate you.

Every quote inspires me and touches my heart, but one which never fails and always motivates me to do good deeds and to help me in writing is:-

 “Agar chahte ho duniya tumhe marne ke baad bhi yaad rakhe toh

Likhne layak kuch kar jao ya padne layak kuch likh jao.”


Coffee or tea?

Coffee as currently, I don’t like to drink tea not sure about future.


A literary figure you would love to meet.

I wanted to meet with great literature Author William Shakespeare as I read his works in my school books since my childhood, but unfortunately, I couldn’t.

And second, I would like to meet as a person with Durjoy Dutt as his works and the way he thinks really inspire me a lot personally.


Any new projects that you are currently working on?

I am not just exploring my thoughts and vision to write something great in the upcoming future that the audience can relate to and love.


When did you write your first book/poem, and how old were you?

I don’t know as I wrote so many random stories, poetry, quotes in my childhood on a paper which I don’t have an idea where they are now and what I exactly recited at that time, and how were my thoughts as I was writing from 7 to 8 age cause of my interest in this field.


What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

I like to do cooking, sleep, spend my time with my loved ones, and relax my body and mind. When I don’t feel about writing.


What does your family think of your writing?

They think I can do better, feel happy and proud of my growth. Also, they support and congratulate me when I do something great in this field.


Tell us where your fans can get your work?

My fans can get my work from online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Google play store, Notion press, and all other sites.

Parting Shot:

Thank you so much for your precious time, and I love to share my experience with you all.

It was nice to talk with you.

I hope you all will support me throughout my journey as you did.

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