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Moncheri Fashion: Sohini Sarkar, Kolkata, India

Moncheri Romance - Fashion & Trend

Sohini Sarkar, Kolkata, India

Summary about self

Hello everyone, this is Sohini Sarkar from Kolkata. Founder of Golden Talent Page, Founder of Clueless Finders, Owner of Brand Sohini Bastralaya, Founder of Inspired Thoughts and Talk book communities, Social Media Manager and Project Head of Inkzoid Foundation, Women Secretary of Council of All India Azad Hind Association, OMG Record Participant and Newsreader at Viral Ink 24 News channel. Pursuing English honors at New Alipore College, she is an Author as published her written books “Your Fortune,” “Alankar Sriti,” “Ornamental memories,” “Turning points,” first magazine” Minutes,” first comic book” The Mask” Co-Author, Compiled “The Good Will,” Entrepreneur of Brand Beautione, achieved many certificates in writing and other fields. Photography, Acting, Dancing and singing are my passion. I am a storyteller, scriptwriter, lyricist, Vlogger, Voiceartist, a jockey in Anchor, Hubhopper and Spreaker, participate in Open mics, published many writings in the YourQuote app. 



What’s your daily morning routine?

I get fresh, apply some skincare, breakfast, bath and get to my classes and work.

Coffee or Tea?


What color do you usually wear?

White, I prefer most to wear.

What would it be if you were to choose a style to rock for the rest of your life?

Whether walking to the office or having brunch with friends, wrapping a pair of strappy heels around the ankle of cigarette pants, jeans, or slacks and Completes with a matching jacket, coat or off-the-shoulder blouse. 

Less or more?


What are the wrong trousers?

In support of sick children through raising funds for the Bristol Childrens’ Hospital. 

How do you cope with the daily challenges you face in life?

I am always strong to get up with more positiveness and look forward to a bright day.

What, exactly, is a tea dress?

A flirty tea dress with a flat pump combination, just adding a denim jacket. 

What do you want on a date?

Long walks on a beach. 

Tell us a secret about yourself?

My school friends used to be afraid of me in school.

What’s the top jacket for spring?

Cotton twin lycra collared jacket.

OK, heels: wedge? Platform? Flattie?

Platform heels.

How big should her bangles be?

According to the size of the wrist.

What should I buy right now, today?

Cosmetics I would like to buy today. 

How do you handle criticism?

I handle criticism Positively because I know I have to learn more, and I am obviously not perfect, and I avoid the most destructive criticisms.

What’s your social handles?


What’s your go to hashtag? ###

#life #smile #socialmedia 

What trend will you set if you are given the chance to become the Bollywood/Hollywood/Tollywood Fashion Guru for one day?

With bling and disco vibes, the emblematic saree looks with smokey eyes and soft curls. This contemporary ethnic style of saree is perfect.

Parting shot:

Everyone should respect women. Women like themselves are they are whether in natural look or makeup. Women are more beautiful in their work in whichever field they are. Natural look and their casual or bold fashion are always appreciable. They choose a style to represent themselves.