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Moncheri Fashion: Dipa Sharma - India

Moncheri Romance - Fashion & Trend

Dipa Sharma, India

Summary about self
My name is Dipa Sharma, and I am a teacher by profession and currently running my tutorial named “Sanwariya Tutorials.” I have also worked as a compiler and co-author in more than 45 anthologies. I have also won many certificates in writing competitions.” श्याम शरण” is my first quote book which is dedicated to khatu Shyamji. “Broken ( No rebuilding myself)” is my debutant poetry book. I have also reviewed more than 30 books. Many of my poems also got featured in newspapers and magazines. I believe in hard work and hope that the future holds many more opportunities.

What’s your daily morning routine?

I wake up early in the morning, then go for a walk and practice yoga.

Coffee or Tea?


What color do you usually wear?

Red and pink

If you were to choose a style to rock for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Gold chain and gold bangles.

Less or more?


Which addiction should I see to this season?

Reading books

What are the wrong trousers?

Late-night outings.

How do you cope with the daily challenges you face in life?

With my never-ending trust in “Khatu Shyam Ji.” He is my strength and keeps me positive all the time.

What’s in your evening snacks?


What do you want on a date?

I don’t date.

Tell us a secret about yourself?

No secret. I am an open book.

OK, heels: wedge? platform? flattie?


What should I buy right now, today?


How do you handle criticism?

With a smile

What’s your social handles?

Instagram- @radhika47605

What are your go-to hashtags? ###

#loyalfriend #cutesmile

If you are given a chance to direct a movie, who will you cast in the leading role?

Ranveer Singh

Parting shot:

I am a simple person and love to live a simple life. I believe in simplicity.

What makes you an Ideal Youth Icon?

I guess my simplicity.