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Author Interview: Anchal Singh, India

Anchal Singh, India

Tell us something about yourself. Who are you as a person? What are your likes and dislikes?
My writing aims to remind people of better things coming on their way and the realities of life from which we try to escape. Perhaps, it can change their perspective towards certain things, and it will definitely bring a positive change. Few of my works are basically for the people currently dealing with mental health issues. I try to uplift and give them some hope.

When did the writer’s bug first bite you? Who or what inspired you to take up writing?

I’ve always loved to write, and one of my goals from childhood was to be a published writer. Finishing it and holding it in your hands (all your hard work) feels really good. Writing a book at this age means that I know I made mistakes, and I can rectify them. And, when the motivation fades, I just look at my old writings and remind myself of how much I have grown. The feeling of accomplishing it is beyond compare.

What do you do, and how has it influenced your poetry? 

I have been working for various NGO’s/Organisations including I-volunteer, Muskaan dreams, Taare Zameen Foundation and Akansha Charitable Trust for the betterment of society. I have also made various podcasts on the situations and harsh realities of life. Serving people and doing something for them always makes me feel grateful. I am the founder of the impact foundation, with a mission to impact the society where I am currently helping people get oxygen cylinders and medical equipments. I am continuously sharing and praying for them, and I can help people! I believe even a single act of yours can bring a significant change. I was literally crying when I saw the news that we were losing people because of the pandemic every day. And, I know if I hadn’t done anything, then I must have had the guilt of not being able to help people on time. Yes, I remember when I was working for an international magazine in Australia. I got a chance to either take the money from the number of magazines sold or donate to the mental health clinics/hospital.

I donated to the 25 mental hospitals/clinics, and it helped thousands of people in Australia.

It’s so uplifting to see all the hard work and passion that’s gone to the people who aren’t traveling so well currently in our mental health hospitals and clinics.

All of my works are based on the situations of life.

As an author, where do you see yourself five years from now?

I do not have a precise role in mind, but my aim over the next five years is to be at a place where I can make a difference, but yes, I would like to be a world record holder, and for that, I am currently working on my book.

How do you face Writers’ Block? What motivates you to keep writing?

Writing is one of the most important things, it helps me get through the dark days, and I’m grateful for the ability to create art. And, yes, there are certain times when I am totally blank, but then I recall my previous works. If I ever lost it, I can honestly say, life would be meaningless and aimless. And to those who want to write, I would like to tell you that every page you write will help you grow. Every single day you write something, it will only get better. You’re worth more than you know, so keep writing. Certain people will laugh at your goals and dreams; let them laugh while you keep going. And, later, they will be telling everyone how they met you and wish to be like you. Don’t ever doubt yourself, and don’t let anything or anyone ever get you down. My friend, you need a ‘why’ to what you are doing.

What are your Achievements? Awards, if any? 

It’s quite a secret because I have certain goals, but I don’t want to disclose them until I reach them.

I can only say that my achievement is people’s happiness at this point in time.

Tell us a bit about how much time you spend in a day on writing. Are you a disciplined writer or a spontaneous one?

I believe that writing mostly depends on observation. I don’t try to write something that hasn’t any value or is not inspiring people. Because we might have lots of good words, a great vocabulary and writing skills, when we write something with value, people connect it with themselves. Even if we write slowly, consistent writing is the key to success. I don’t have a fixed writing routine, but I try to write each day, even if it is less than 100-250 words.

Are you a reader yourself? What are some of your favorite books?

The Alchemist is one philosophical book that tells us never to lose hope, and it also teaches us that when a person really desires something, the whole Universe will conspire to help that person realize his dream. Another one is Rich Dad Poor Dad, the power of the subconscious mind and kite runner.

Reading in the mountains or reading on the beach? 

I would love to read in the mountains, with the sound of chirping birds and no unwanted voice.

What do your family and friends think of your writing? 

They were definitely happy when they read my book, or I can say they were happier than me, and I am truly grateful for all the love and support.

I want to thank my parents, sister, family, friend Aarya and other well-wishers who have always been my constant support, which kept me going.

A quote that never fails to motivate you.

The greatest fear in the world is the opinions of others. And the moment you are unafraid of the crowd, you are no longer a sheep; you become a lion. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of freedom.

Coffee or tea?

I prefer tea.

A literary figure you would love to meet.

 I love the work of Chetan Bhagat, and I would want to study up on some of the stories that I had not read in a long time and would like to discuss with him.

Any new projects that you are currently working on?

My book, “Rise and fall: The unpredictable life.”

When did you write your first book/poem, and how old were you?

I was probably 14! 

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

During this pandemic, I learned many things; I worked on improving myself each day. I acquired new skills, read several books, made paintings, worked for the betterment of society, and wrote several poetries, articles, and essays published internationally. And, I have observed that sometimes things will not be the way you want them to be, and you will face rejections, but no matter how tough life is, just be a fighter and never give up until you reach your goal. 

Tell us where your fans can get your work.

I have worked on 50+ books as a co-author in a single year. I have also been a part of international magazines and journals from Africa, America, Australia, and New Zealand. You can easily find them on Amazon, Kobo, Google Books, Kindle, Flipkart and Notion press; it feels amazing to see your hard work in your hands as if something you have been working so hard is in your hands. 

You can contact me on Instagram: @iamanchalsinghrajput.

Parting Shot: 

Whenever I feel low, I just remember the reason why I started. And, we all have got only one life; we have to choose between just existing or making it worth living. So, I try to become a better version of myself each day. I try to learn something each day.