By Beena Shah in Maharashtra

Everyone enjoys the winter months, but we must do something to stay energised and healthy throughout the year. Let us explore the various simple methods by which we can make the most of the winter days:

(1) One must go for a morning walk; this will provide you with fresh air and improve your health. You can walk more where the sun shines brighter.

(2) You may want to practice Surya Namaskar and Yoga to boost your immunity.

(3) If you can run, you must run; this will generate heat in your body, allowing you to flee the cold.

(4) Cycling is a great exercise that keeps our bodies fit and healthy. You must learn it and have some fun time cycling.

(5) If you enjoy travelling, you can go trekking since you will be able to explore new areas and meet new people.

(6) You can buy all the vegetables and fruits available at a market near you and use videos to spice up your dishes. Ensure everyone in the family has a healthy food habit.

(7) A hot soup or vegetable decoction can be produced and distributed to everyone to prevent colds and flu.

(8) You can Dance once in a while since it improves our mood and provides the physical activity. If you don't know how to dance, go and check on youtube.

(9) Plan a one-day picnic with the family. Carry all the food you want.

(10) You must always keep yourself engaged in some kind of creative activity that gives you joy so that you can be occupied, happy and healthy.

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