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Rule of Thirds (Ro3) - 2021, Oct 24


Featured one!

Rule of Thirds: Ro3 International Photography

Here we come with the 2021 October 24 Photographs from the NLHF International Photography Team.

“Let us capture the beauty on earth and show that Romance is in the air. All one has to do is observe.” – Moncheri


  • Still life
  • Editorial
  • Wildlife

NLHF International Photographers

  • India
    • Shaswata Mukherjee (IG: mukherjee-daa-since 2003)
    • Shree Basu (IG@ms.chitrographer)
    • Debanjan Mallik (IG@mallik__debanjan17)
    • Rohit Raj (IG:@photography_ki_Duniyaa)
    • Joyal S. (IG:@joyal_kalayil)
    • Kripakshi Dutta (IG:@__my_little_corner_)
  • Czech Republic
    • Reena Bharath (IG:reena_in_prague)

Congratulations to the group of NLHF International Photographers.

Debanjan Mallik

Joyal S.

Kripakshi Dutta

Reena Bharath

Rohit Raj

Shaswata Mukherjee

Shree Basu